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re:fluence is a SaaS-based integrated content distribution tool that identifies the social media communities that surround thought leaders and uses advanced data science and big data methodologies to extract meaningful patterns of engagement and thematic content. re:fluence is able to analyze the content of your news release and suggest changes that will give you the best chance of success. re:fluence then provides you with the ability to contact those social accounts with the highest probability of sharing and engaging with your content.

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The old influencer scoring models don't work, and let's be honest, neither do the new or existing ones. They fail in truly generating scoring for influencers, and are based on what "they" think the scoring should be. Our weighted algorithm connects you with the "true thought leaders" in your content group and industry, based on content and industry (relevance), allowing you true connectivity to the right thought leaders, that can make a difference in your campaign. We'll guide you there, you choose.

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