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Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact


We’re building re:fluence for one purpose. To help business get more business, more social outreach and more customers. re:fluence is dead simple, 3 steps, 3 minutes, and your content is posted on facebook, google +, twitter and linkedin – for starters.. That’s it! And then, you cans use our partnership dashboard to analyze all media buys, social engagement and data across all platforms, including your competitors and what’s driving their business.
When business owners put on their marketing hat, they take it off pretty quickly…why? Because they don’t know where to start to spread their message, their campaign, their promotion. With re:fluence, you enter your content, choose your audience and geo-location, schedule your distribution, and send. DONE! 3 steps, 3 minutes.
re:fluence is the next generation of Digital Influencer scoring and content distribution solution that enables any marketer to reach digital influencers next door in one click to amplify their social campaign results. re:fluence transforms the content distribution industry into a highly effective and efficient way for organizations of all sizes and people to distribute their content on the internet, increase their visibility online, attract customers, adopters and brand followers.Refluence is the one of the world’s largest online content distribution network and online publicity provider of advertising, marketing and communications solutions. Relevance, Engagement, Frequency and Credibility are the key elements in finding influencers. re:fluence will do that for you.
Our partnership Analytics Dashboard will help you understand the effectiveness of your media buys, across all platforms, using your data and metrics. Our partner data scientists have years of experience modeling real world scenarios and analyzing complex data sets. We can help you find the solutions you need in your data.

Easy to Publish Content

Our wizard-based content creation screens will have you publishing content in 3 screens in 3 minutes to thousands of “exceedingly relevant” thought leaders.

Targeted Engagement

re:fluence is able to reach those influencers that are more likely to re-engage with your content, and provide valuable outreach that will enhance your businesses reach.

Increase your Reach

re:fluence then provides you with the ability to contact those social accounts with the highest probability of sharing and engaging with your content.

What are we working on?

We’re working on providing our users with adding to refluence a media buying platform to analyze your media buying results and statistics. So you’ll soon be able to have complete accountability measurements for success.

Influencer consulting?

With our team of product managers and experts in reaching influencers, we can help to drive your social media campaigns easily, simply and affordably, including content curation for your campaigns. We’ll create an SEO and Social Media plan that will drive influencers. And, you can sign up for our analytics dashboard, a truly engaging business intelligence dashboard with Data Science, helping you understand the effectiveness of your media buys, across all platforms, using your data and metrics.
Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll devise an executable plan that will help drive revenue and reach the targets you should be reaching.

Beyond Engagement


Monitor your brand names and keywords related directly to your brand
See messages and notifications directly on your home page dashboard and in your
message center.


Integrate with Salesforce, Uservoice and HelpDesk from Zendesk.


Review your content as a team for to find the best times to publish content, review content or change content.

re:fluence Technology

The next generation Digital Influencer scoring called re:fluence iScore.

Unlike the first generation of scoring models that represented influencers general level of online activity. re:fluence uses scoring called iScore to meet the latest needs of modern marketers working in an increasing socially connected online world.

Dashboard Features

re:fluence is more than content. It’s your campaign’s success!


Create & Review Content Easily

Let’s be honest, reaching influencers is difficult, so we do it for you. Doing this manually is almost impossible. And who do you try to connect with? So when SME’s want to create a marketing campaign, they first think of the twitter, facebook, linkedin possibly, but then what? Create exciting content that will reach the most relevant and influential people in your industry, preview that content and be sure it will reach people interested in what you have to say.


Target by Industries and Topics

What does the successful small business owner do when he/she logs in to twitter or facebook. The natural thoughts are to try to connect to the big boys, the food editor of the NY Times, if thats the industry you are in, or Taylor Swift, or President Obama, or Guy Kawasaki. They are after all influencers, right? Big time influencers. Herein lies the problem, they will not help you, they will not re-tweet, share your post, they will not even read your post. Why? They get literally thousands upon thousands of those everyday, do you actually think they will pick out yours and come to your restaurant and write a positive about you? No, they won’t. but some will, do the reverse, don’t look at the big boys, look at the big boys followers, the influencers who follow those people. Thats Interest Based Content, that’s re:fluence.


Measure your data

Sending content to the right people is smart, it’s how you will grow your business. But how do you measure that? re:fluence will provide you with the analytics that you need to more easily determine the success of your campaigns and then adjust to make your campaigns more successful. We’re always adding analytics to our application, so re:fluence will tell you more and more about your data.


Define Audience

For Example, there are lots of foodies following the food editor of the NY Times, those are the influencers, and we call them influencers because we believe they have more influence than one might think, they are the ones who will re-tweet, share, and even become your customer, because the editor of the NY Times probably won’t. Our software (re:fluence) does just that, it reaches the opposites, the followers, the smaller influencers of famous influencers. Stay away from the fortune and fame influencers, pay attention to the core four, the local magazine food editor, the people who hold monthly meeting talking about this that and the other things. Those are the people en-mass, those are the ones that should capture your attention, that will be more than happy to taste your product, or service or food. Providing you have something good! After all, you can lead a horse to water…

Success Stories

Reviews from our customers

“We were using using one of the traditional content distribution packages, but we never really knew who we were reaching… so we tested re:fluence and the recommendation engine showed us exactly who we were targeting, and the results got better and better each time we used it.”

Our Company

Who we are?

re:fluence was conceived by Rob Wheeler, the founder of re:fluence, Inc. We started out as AviantLogic, Inc, but realized that we had made too many mistakes along the way and with the wrong people. So we closed it down, rethought the process, and came up with a completely new idea and new process and are rebuilding the software from scratch with a new team, new investors and opened back up as re:fluence, Inc.


In the Press

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