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If you want to build great technology, you’ll need a true, experienced engineering lead. Every great company and tech startup needs one. Whenever I meet a team that had a consulting firm without a CTO/Tech lead (even a great one) build their product it’s an immediate “red flag” for me. If you don’t have somebody inside your organization who is setting the technology direction then I’m convinced you’ll never head for greatness. I know this will fall like a lead balloon to the many people who believe it is possible to have a [insert: startup incubator or technology accelerator or technology consultant or outsource firm] build your technology. I don’t believe it. Either your core is innately technical or it’s not. It’s what makes Google Google and Facebook Facebook.

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Rob Wheeler, c/o re:fluence
PO BOX 192
Cheshire, CT. 06410 US


Recent Work


COO May 2013 - Present

Developer of the re:fluence content distribution application. re:fluence identifies the social media communities that surround thought leaders and uses advanced data science and big data methodologies to extract meaningful patterns of engagement and thematic content. re:fluence is able to analyze the content of your distribution and suggest changes that will give you the best chance of success. re:fluence then provides you with the ability to contact those social accounts with the highest probability of sharing and engaging with your content. We model a richer and more intuitive scoring and recommendations engine. Our recommendation i-score(tm) measures per topic relevance in using the distribution of content and follower relationships over time. Our recommendation engine selects the most relevant users for a topic based on the distribution of content and follower relationships over time. Technology was sold early 2017.

re:fluence now consults with startups and medium size organzations.

Acronym Media, Inc

CTO March 2012 - April 2013

Chief Technology Officer Predominantly responsible for all activities relating to the development and implementation of the Keyword Objects SaaS platform. keywordobjects™ is the first-‐of-‐its-‐kind Enterprise Keyword Management™ (EKM™) solution built to aggregate, organize and analyze keyword data for what it really is: a rich source of unparalleled consumer intelligence. Pulling insights from both organic and paid search efforts, as well as web analytics and nearly an unlimited variety of alternative marketing inputs. All with Unlimited Keywords. Clients see literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of keywords. Also responsible for budgeting and maintaining budgets to coincide with revenue projections. Responsible for managing the technology infrastructure and vendor relationships. Primary accomplishments were instituting a Lean Product Development regime as well as introducing Agile development methodologies that provided consistent and verifiable improvements in the development process.


CTO/Founder September 2010 - February 2013 (Sold)

Chief Technology Officer Product that provide SEO managers and consultants with an aggregate dashboard that provided analytics surrounding their customers SEO campaigns. Member of a 7 person international team developing a web application interface for Search Engine and Social Media dashboard. Developed in Open Source using PHP native technologies, including JQuery and the Ubuntu staging, test and application servers. The team used an iterative/agile approach with unit tests and weekly beta testing, including daily SCRUM calls. The application uses an MySql database and native open source framework. Product to be released in Feb., 2012. Project includes managing overseas development team (Isreal). Integration included custom CMS system for client and legacy systems integration. Documented all project plans including In-Scope and out of Scope items. Responsible for building SQL test scripts and queries for development testing. Product source code was sold to a large media agency in NYC.


A senior level hands on CTO with proven ability to combine broad-based technology, moving up through the ranks as a developer then working my way into the business and operational side, gaining team management expertise implementing corporate-wide technology solutions that meet the evolving Information Technology and office automation needs of an expanding organization, while maintaining my hands on development activities. I have a very strong technical background with the ability to move into new areas rapidly. I have the ability to bridge the gap between technical and business areas. Skills include:

  • Technical Leadership and Project Management
  • Engineering/Development
  • React.js/Javascript/mssql/mysql/firebase/gcp
  • Startup Experience (exited 3 startups)
  • Systems Architecture/Worflow/Development Process
  • CSS

Something to think about...

  • Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.

    Steve Jobs

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